Is Retirement 'Crisis' Overblown: Retirement Scan
One contributor takes exception with the idea that many Americans are in trouble with their savings; Plus, clients should ignore calls to 'sell everything!'
Despite increased transparency, many participants fail to take the time to understand what they are paying in fees; Plus, how much clients should have saved at every age. Read More »
MetLife would retain the unit that offers pension and retirement products. Read More »
Retirement savers first need to decide the amount of time they have left before retiring; Plus, how clients should react to the market selloff. Read More »
Clients who consider buying an annuity are advised to avoid purchasing one big product and instead opt for several smaller ones; Plus, what boomers should know about required minimum distributions. Read More »
The government's myRA plan isn't enough to fix the retirement system, says an economics professor; Plus, Social Security options for single seniors. Read More »
Inflation is just one of the risks that annuity investors face since higher prices could lower the purchasing power of annuity payments; Plus, changing strategies for Social Security. Read More »
Some clients may be better off claiming benefits early if they are younger than their spouse and expect a shorter life span because of medical problems; Plus, what clients need to know about annuities. Read More »
Transition to retirement means that clients need to shift from being a saver to a spender, and this could pose certain challenges; Plus, how indexed annuities could be subject to additional regulations under Department of Labor's proposed fiduciary rule. Read More »
Retirees who want to boost their current income stream and expect to have a long life span are better off with an immediate annuity than other annuity types; Plus, five myths about IRAs. Read More »
If new fiduciary rules take effect, advisors will be pressed to provide lower-cost offerings. Variable annuities offer them a lot to choose from. Read More »
Retirees are better off having an immediate annuity than other kinds of annuities, which charge hefty fees and early withdrawal penalties; Plus, 12 common IRA mistakes to avoid. Read More »
Lawmakers have yet to agree on how to curb the increase in Medicare premiums next year that will affect 30% of the 52 million seniors enrolled in Part B; Plus, how clients can avoid outliving their cash. Read More »
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