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With close to half of all bank advisors near retirement age, how are banks planning to replace them?
As fee-based business increases, succession planning takes on a bigger role in the channel.
Studies show that those who continue working into retirement are healthier, both physically and mentally, than those who quit.
Even those with significant health issues may never need to pay for nursing home care.
Working longer and deferring account withdrawals is a great untapped strategy with no downside.
Keeping a client's business in the family is a challenge, and careful planning is the key.
Delaying retirement and staying in their current job may be the key for clients looking to bolster retirement savings.
Gay and lesbian couples may have to redo much of their pre-Supreme Court-ruling estate planning.
Advisors and even estate attorneys are often unaware of the advantages of using a conservation easement as a tool to protect a client's family home.
Waiting to claim Social Security can result in a number of perks for clients. So why do so many people claim at 62?
Though the time period to make changes has narrowed in some instances, there are situations where Social Security allows a redo.
For married couples deciding when to claim Social Security, "it's all about the survivor benefits," for the higher-earning spouse.
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