In a small Mississippi town, a popular advisor carves out a comfortable niche her way-without a mention of 'high-net-worth.'

Building your practice around "advisor's alpha" rather than the ability to outperform the market will most likely lead to a very successful, long-tenured relationship that is mutually rewarding to you and the family you are advising.

Knowing your personality, and your client's, is a start but it's not enough—you also need to know the chemistry.

Skeptics who doubt investors' ability to identify good buys may be surprised

When it comes to trading, there are some considerations advisors can take into account to make their utilization of exchange-traded funds more efficient.

The solution may lie in a three-step approach: segmenting your client base, defining your service standards for each segment, and then settling the appropriate client expectations.

Whether you call it behavioral finance, investor psychology or just psychology, a deep understanding of human nature is more important than ever in this business.

Depending on who you talk to, early August will either be a colossal financial disaster, or just another week of good beach weather. It comes down to whether you think that Congress will reach some sort of deal to raise the national debt limit.

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