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Is 94-Year Old Zsa Zsa Gabor Going To Be A New Mother?
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor has always been associated with glamour in Hollywood -- queen of film and television over the course of a five-decade career, married nine times, and even able to parlay a famous slap of a police officer into a career revival. In fact, the Huffington Post recently called her “the first and probably biggest Hollywood celeb to become famous for being famous.” Aptly put.

But when does pursuing fame cross the line for a 94-year-old? That point may have come this week, when her husband of 25 years told CNN that he had started the process of donor matching and blood work so he could turn Zsa Zsa into Ma Ma.

That’s right. The esteemed Prince Frederic von Anhalt is planning to arrange for an egg donor, surrogate mother, and artificial insemination to allow Zsa Zsa to once again enjoy the wonder of motherhood.

Why in the world would he do this?  He said that he wants someone to be able to carry on the Gabor name.  Zsa Zsa’s only child is daughter Francesca Hilton (daughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, Zsa Zsa’s second husband).  Hilton is, not surprisingly, shocked by the whole thing.

And by this point, it would take a great deal to shock her, based on what Prince von Anhalt has been doing with Zsa Zsa. Despite the fact that Zsa Zsa has been hospitalized dozens of times in the last year or so for various treatments and maladies including a leg amputation, a coma, a hip replacement, a stroke and much more, the prince provided photographs of her in her hospital bed to the media. Then he arranged for more pictures of her, sipping champagne for his recent birthday.  

Von Anhalt topped that off by spending almost $70,000 for a billboard on Sunset Boulevard to commemorate their 25-year anniversary.  

He then announced a grand party for that anniversary and invited many of the Hollywood elite. A few celebrities did appear for the party last night, along with invited members of the media. The festivities lasted well into the night and Zsa Zsa posed for pictures from her bed.

Francesca Hilton has been upset with all of it. She says von Anhalt is a publicity-hound, using Zsa Zsa for fame and money and, at the same time, cutting her out of Zsa Zsa’s life -- refusing even to share basic medical information with Hilton.  

The two were on opposite sides of a lawsuit several years ago over Zsa Zsa’s home, which von Anhalt recently listed for sale, claiming a need for money.  (You can read more about the disputes between Hilton and von Anhalt over Zsa Zsa in this Trial & Heirs article.)

He, in turn, says that Hilton only cares about money, for which he cares nothing at all, and he says he is doing everything for his wife to make her happy. But keep in mind that she is so confused at times that she doesn’t know if she’s home or in the hospital.

For someone who says he doesn’t concern himself with money, he sure spends a great deal of it. Besides the expensive billboard, von Anhalt says the baby-making procedure will cost about $100,000.  He also says that money is so tight for the couple that he is going to auction off Zsa Zsa’s clothing, fur coats, and famous memorabilia --  including the dress she wore when she slapped the cop.

One has to wonder if this latest idea is the ultimate slap at Hilton. Or, perhaps, it’s a sick way to seek an increased inheritance. Another child by Zsa Zsa would reduce what Hilton would receive. Reportedly, both Hilton and von Anhalt were able to convince Zsa Zsa to sign new wills without telling the other and it is clear that the prince is not afraid to go to the extreme, as evidenced by the billboard.

While the recent dispute between Zsa Zsa’s husband and daughter has not yet turned into a lawsuit, it sure seems like one will happen soon. Von Anhalt reportedly holds power of attorney, and therefore has power to manage Zsa Zsa’s medical and financial decisions.  Hilton can challenge that authority by seeking the appointment of a guardian or conservator in court.

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