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Avoid the Biggest 401(k) Mistakes: Tuesday's Retirement Scan
Our daily roundup of retirement news your clients may be thinking about.
How to avoid the biggest 401(k) mistakes
It is a mistake for clients to leave their retirement money with their previous employer's 401(k) plan instead of transferring it to an IRA, according to MarketWatch. Many 401(k) investors also commit the mistake of not rebalancing their 401(k) portfolios and of scaling down their stock exposure when they retire or the market underperforms. To avoid these mistakes, clients are advised to invest in things under their control instead of speculating on the economy and other things beyond their control.   --MarketWatch   more »
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Since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, many of the tax provisions have slowly come into effect. The year 2014 brings some additional significant tax provisions associated with health care reform. more »
Figuring out your real cost of living; Investing like Warren Buffett; Why clients ignore most of your advice more »
What clients can do if they run out of money; Game changers in retirement planning; Advisors offer dos and don'ts with 401(k) plans more »
Are you paying too much for long-term care?; Retirement savings makes you healthy and wealthy; Talk to your spouse and stop blaming each other more »
Comprehensive planning is catching on with advisors -- and their clients. But it can be labor intensive, requiring that a practice add more resources and staff. more »
Wealth management is poised to benefit significantly from an aging global population and a substantial wealth transfer, a new study from Merrill Lynch shows. But some evidence suggests the industry is unprepared. more »
How to get "peace of mind" retirement income; Changing insurance plans can reduce premiums; Risks of spending retirement savings too early more »
When is it ok to borrow from your 401(k); Picking the best pension payout; Paying long-term care with HSA money more »
Considering alternatives to retiring; Managing an old 401(k); What to do when retirement accounts are maxed out more »
Immediate annuities surge, but lag other types; Never too late to plan; Different opinions on 4% rule more »
High-risk behaviors put investments at risk; Theme songs for retirement; Right (and wrong) questions for clients more »
Treasury Department approves new annuity; Advisors keep clients' emotions in check; Important questions about Social Security more »
Security experts say it's now crucial for advisors to understand that the fraud landscape has changed: Planners and their clients are both targets, and new federal rules (and custodians' policies) make advisors primarily responsible for fraud prevention. Advisors and other experts recommend a number of techniques for keeping clients safe. more »
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