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Top Investor Trends to Watch in 2015
Meet the investor of tomorrow. Based on a roundup of recent polls, here are some of the most important themes for advisors to consider.
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While many of the fundamentals of bank programs haven't changed much, the products, technology and sophistication of advisors and clients alike have increased exponentially. more »
Understand the importance of fostering trust in client and professional relationships in order to create a stronger business. more »
A U.S. probe into how Morgan Stanley client information ended up for sale on the Internet is examining whether a financial advisor was targeted by hackers after he took data from the bank, two people briefed on the inquiry said. more »
Many advisors are failing to communicate the best strategies to clients. Here are some common trouble spots you should steer clear of. more »
This tax season is particularly bitter for gays and lesbians who live in states that still don't recognize same-sex marriage. more »
Investigators at the Department of Justice are examining whether UBS traders shortchanged investors by overcharging them when they carried out certain currency trades. more »
During an interview with CNBC on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the NBA Hall of Famer praised his advisor -- by name. more »
Advisors should reinforce habits that ensure ethical behavior to the point that they become second nature. more »
President Obama has proposed payroll taxes be reshuffled so the portion that pays for the disability fund would be increased by nine-tenths of a percentage point, but Republican lawmakers want changes to address Social Security's overall financial health. more »
To justify their higher cost, advisors need to go beyond a commoditized service. If you're merely providing asset allocation or portfolio rebalancing, you're in the danger zone. more »
Investors in their 20s and 30s are advised to reduce their stock allocations since they are likely to change jobs and subsequently cash out a part of their accounts. more »
Each of these strategies has been used by one or more elite advisors to generate substantial increases in their performance. more »
Following the success of her latest album and landing three Grammy nominations this year, the megastar's net worth is in the untold millions. With a Merrill Lynch advisor for a father, it begs the question: who is advising the pop star? more »
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