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Why Older Americans Are Financially Vulnerable: Retirement Scan
Seniors should discuss their plans with their partners and designate a family member to manage their bills if necessary; Plus, clients should put their bonus in a retirement account.
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A couple who bought a business using money from their self-directed IRA faced a big tax bill as the value of the business increased; Plus, how to transition your clients before you retire. more »
Facing the threat of competition from Google and Amazon.com, UBS has turned to a company that uses artificial intelligence for help delivering personalized advice to the bank's wealthy clients. more »
Celebrities are the types of clients many advisors only dream of working with. At one firm, these clients -- and the advisors who serve them -- are getting increased attention. more »
Some retirees regret past decisions based on greed, others for tinkering too much with their portfolios or keeping too much cash on hand; Plus, how to max out Social Security benefits. more »
On this day dedicated to giving back, a pair of CPAs have some advice for those who are planning their end-of-year charitable giving. more »
Conventional wisdom says investors should reduce equities in their portfolios as they age, but a study takes a contrary view; Plus, more information doesn't necessarily make for better investment decisions. more »
As the rate of change accelerates, advisors face big shifts in automated tools, portfolio management and rebalancing. Our annual report shows where the action is. more »
Planners offer their guidelines for helping wealthy clients accomplish more good with their money. more »
"If you think you have no special needs clients, you probably are not asking the right questions,” says Mike Walther. more »
Millennial women are making great strides in the workforce, but still "channel their inner ninth grade insecure freshman when it comes to financial matters," according to Fidelity's head of personal investing. more »
Rather than relying entirely on themselves, self-directed investors are consulting more sources of investment information and advice, including real live advisors. more »
The unit is aggressively pursuing modest mass-affluent investors with less than $500,000 in investible assets and its effort appears to be paying off. more »
With a wider gap in tax rates, moving reported income among family members could have a big payoff. Advisors should consider a few if these strategies. more »
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