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11 Tips on Long-Term Care as Rates Rise
The steep rise in long-term care insurance rates won't affect many advisors' commitment to using them for clients, experts say.
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Clients that purchased an investment from their financial institution will keep their deposit and credit products longer, increasing the profitability of the institution overall, a new study shows. more »
Congress should revamp Social Security to ensure that retirees will receive at least 75% of their benefits in case the trust fund is depleted, says a professor. more »
Investors have regained their faith in financial firms, but advisors still have work to do, a new study shows. more »
Newly bereaved spouses can face a host of unfamiliar financial issues, and older women are at particular risk. Here are a few specific ways that advisors can help. more »
In the digital age, advisors are prime victims for attackers seeking pertinent information. Here are some preventative tips to fend off cyber-attacks. more »
Customer alleged that broker made unsuitable recommendations of mutual funds, structured products and equities that set him back more than $125,000. more »
The additional revenue from President Obama's expected proposed tax increase would be used to fund programs to assist the middle-class; Plus, how to help a client who missed employer's matching 401(k) funds. more »
The richest 1% are about to control a majority of the world’s wealth. more »
While underfunded public-pensions have been in the spotlight in recent years, another problem that has not received as much notice is the nearly $1 trillion in unfunded health care liabilities. more »
Even the wealthiest clients are happy when their advisors uncover extra cash for them. Here’s how to do it. more »
The firm will offer advisors expanded trust services and support with multi-generational family planning. more »
The IRA contribution limit in the U.S. is $5,500; Canada's limit is $20,000. If an investor is willing to put away that much money, why not allow it, one write asks. more »
Advisors in the Midwest and on the West Coast noticed information from their accounts on Pastebin, a website notoriously used for posting hacked or leaked information. more »
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