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A well-planned event can help you reach high-level prospects—here's how to turn them into clients. more »
As advisors increasingly move toward a fee-based business model, BIC looks at the most successful advisors in the channel. Here are the top 25 bank advisors based on their fee-based business. more »
Clarity on why you do what you do will help you connect to your clients and prospects -- and maybe even yourself. more »
Many top bank executives still struggle to articulate the value proposition of their wealth programs and why it's better than that of their competitors. The new year brings into focus the importance of creating and sustaining a strong wealth management business. more »
If you really just want to help people, be a teacher. Being a good advisor is also about money, and you need a specific plan. more »
Professional football players spend 95% of their time preparing — advisors should take a page from that playbook and beef up their referral processes. more »
Do you know enough about Social Security? For mass-affluent clients, it will be a sizable portion of their retirement income so now is the time to brush up. more »
In his article, “Reevaluating Banks’ Investment Programs,” John Brunett, Chief Trust and Investment Officer at Los Alamos National Bank, proposes seven ideas to help assist bank managers, investment program directors, and bank investment consultants to improve and streamline their programs to achieve a higher bottom line. more »
Corporate America is full of once-successful businesses that failed to keep up with consumer trends — it's a mistake to think that banks aren't susceptible too. more »
Advisors don't need to devote hours a day to get started with social media — a simple weekly message or educational information that engages people is a great start. more »
Under a new compensation structure implemented at the beginning of the year, advisors are paid a salary plus a quarterly discretionary bonus, marking a major shift from being paid solely on commission. more »
Our stories about HSBC's compensation changes received a great deal of attention. Here is a sampling of opposing views on the subject. more »
Banks and credit unions are seeing high single-digit growth from their programs. They want more and the opportunity is there, says LPL’s Rob Comfort, as the industry is just beginning to tap the potential in providing investment advice. more »
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