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7 Advantages Banks Offer When Recruiting
Top Advisors
Community banks and credit unions need to recognize and tout the distinct advantages they offer advisors as they compete with bigger financial institutions for top talent, says Frank Smith, vice president of Recruitment at LPL Financial Institution Services.
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Banks and credit unions need to recognize the distinct advantages they offer in the recruiting battle as competition for top talent continues to rise more »
At the group's national conference in Orlando, president Tom Nally announces several new initiatives aimed at helping advisors expand their businesses. more »
Advisors can no longer expect to hire only seasoned, mid-career professionals with an established book of business, industry experts say. more »
If the graying financial services industry is to replenish the ranks of retiring advisors and brokers, firms and trade groups must take a more active role in promoting the field to millennials, says Pershing's Mark Tibergien. more »
Dynasty Financial Partners has hired Ronald Sallet as senior vice president of network development, making good on its promise to boost business development in 2014. more »
Northwestern Mutual is fishing for talent -- and it's using 6,400 hooks. more »
As the cost of recruiting new advisors has soared, says CEO Erica McGinnis, such small-scale growth has become more difficult -- and more expensive. more »
An advisory group in Winter Park, Fla. with $550 million in client assets leaves Morgan Stanley to go independent. more »
Granite Financial says it hopes moving to the IBD will power growth. more »
The well-financed venture promised big hiring in 2013, but a November ADV form shows them well short of goal. more »
An overwhelming majority of Hispanic and African-Americans say that financial services firms need to hire more diverse staffs, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Edward Jones. more »
The New York-based platform outsourcer and service provider for large wealth management firms is beefing up its business development team, vowing to become much more aggressive in going after new clients. more »
Expansion-minded Savant Capital Management has bolstered its presence in the vibrant Chicago metropolitan market, acquiring Paragon Advisors, a $150 million firm in Naperville, Ill. more »
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