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Banks and credit unions need to recognize the distinct advantages they offer in the recruiting battle as competition for top talent continues to rise more »
"There aren't enough people going into the industry to replace those who retire," Scott Curtis, president of Raymond James Financial Services, told some 200 program managers and bank advisors at the event in Orlando. more »
A recent round of hires includes one Wells Fargo advisor with over $1 billion in assets under management. more »
Two former Morgan Stanley advisors with approximately $1 billion in assets have jumped to RBC in New York. more »
A pair of the country’s largest independent broker-dealers are the first firms to get the new recognition. more »
Independent RIAs in the increasingly competitive -- and lucrative -- San Francisco Bay Area market may have to raise their game, according to a leading investment banker. more »
If you are a bank program manager looking to recruit financial advisors then you already know that this is no easy task. Here are four tips to help with recruiting. more »
Financial services firms have to start recruiting the half-million college students who may be interested in becoming advisors, or risk having demand for financial advice outstrip supply within ten years, a new study from Pershing shows. more »
At a time when recruiting is down across the independent broker-dealer space, Cetera Financial Group has added 247 net new advisors nationwide between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2013. more »
UBS picked up a Morgan Stanley veteran with $345 million in assets under management. more »
Raymond James picked up a $500 Million team from Morgan Stanley and a Jefferies advisor with $100 million in assets. more »
Many banks rely on the "prayer method" and ignore the one potential advantage they have when it comes time to staff up. more »
Wells Fargo has expanded its Denver, Colo., operations adding an advisor with $150 million in assets under management. more »
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