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Failed $15M Claim for Poaching Brokers Shows Bad Blood
Schwab's unsuccessful $15 million claim against Morgan Stanley for poaching brokers shows real animosity between the firms, experts say.
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Municipal bond broker-dealer groups have spent nearly $5 million trying to influence federal lawmakers in recent months, using in-house lobbyists as well as outside firms and campaign contributions to promote their positions on securities laws, tax reform, and regulation. more »
Bank of America must pay a record amount for mortgage-related claims, but the accord still leaves questions about tax liability and other banks in the government's crosshairs. more »
Michelle Smith explains the advantage of specializing in divorce planning. more »
Bank of America Corp. will pay $16.65 billion to end federal and state probes into mortgage bond sales, the harshest penalty yet related to loans that fueled the 2008 financial crisis, the Justice Department said. more »
A new report shows that auditors of brokers-dealers who were inspected last year continued to have a high number of problems with independence and audit deficiencies. more »
A set of mid-1990s recommendations aimed to reform Wall Street's culture. They didn't, however -- and the real losers were investors. more »
A federal jury found an investment advisor liable for fraud after he allegedly enticed his former brokerage clients to transfer their assets from Wedbush to his RIA practice. more »
Banks including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have been notified regulators are preparing enforcement actions on currency rigging, people familiar with the investigation said. more »
The pitches are persuasive. Workers who leave jobs with the federal government transferred $10 billion last year out of the Thrift Savings Plan. more »
As a FINRA task force is scheduled to review the regulator's arbitration process, critics are charging that firms are using U5 termination forms to sully advisor reputations. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau named 10 banks and credit unions on Wednesday that it claimed were not being transparent about their agreements with large universities to market financial products to students. more »
Fed policy and your retirement portfolio; Can you file-and-suspend at 62; Unexpected consequences of early retirement more »
Described by authorities as a con man, an advisor with a troubled past is ordered to repay $4.2 million in restitution; will serve sentence in a medium-security prison. more »
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