Updated Thursday, April 24, 2014 as of 6:25 AM ET
Big Opportunity: Helping Business Owners Sell
Talk about a golden opportunity for financial advisors: An estimated 3 million business owners are expected to sell their companies in the next five years. And they’re going to need plenty of help — before, during and after the sale.
And a majority of those owners haven’t done any financial planning, exit planning specialists say.   more »
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Almost three in four affluent millennials have assets in online brokerage accounts, while only 67% have assets in a defined contribution plan. more »
Longer lifespans mean a big shift in planning -- particularly for female clients. more »
TIAA-CREF, the manager of retirement accounts for teachers, agreed to by Nuveen Investments from Madison Dearborn Partners for $6.25 billion, including outstanding debt. more »
After a Tax Court decision, a major change in IRS guidance will affect clients with multiple retirement accounts. Here's what advisors need to know. more »
A new study, backed by the industry, says the DoL's new rules could leave millions of workers without retirement advice. more »
Advisors can help clients navigate the actuarial calculation of matching a savings and withdrawal plan with a projected life expectancy. more »
Despite an uptick in savings rates, baby boomers are feeling more worried about their prospects for retiring securely, with a quarter of those polled saying they've postponed their retirement plans in the past year, a new study shows. more »
Younger investors have eight times more money in Roth IRAs than traditional IRAs, according to one recent report. more »
Head of LPL's Advisor Services' departure 'not related to company performance,' according to a company statement. more »
Many investors hesitate to talk about money even though they're more concerned about their financial health than their physical health-here's how to get them talking. more »
(Bloomberg) -- U.S. public pension-fund assets grew by 4.2 percent in the last three months of 2013, boosted by stock market gains, the Census Bureau reported. Assets of the 100 largest public-worker retirement plans climbed to $3.19 trillion by the end of December, up $129.9 billion from September, the bureau said yesterday. The gains pushed holdings to the highest level since the government began tracking the data in 1968. … more »
Firms in the self-serve channel that can "combine delivery mechanisms" will be a "smart bet" going forward," predicts Tiburon managing partner Chip Roame. more »
As more people live into their 100s -- and as families in which four or five generations overlap become commonplace -- some core elements of financial planning need to change, says one longevity specialist. more »

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