Estate Planning

Avoiding probate is just one of many uses of revocable trust.
How to Avoid Complicated Trust Issues
Revocable trusts have been used mainly to avoid probate, but they also can help with a variety of unwelcome contingencies.
Though it can be hard to give a up a home, there are significant tax advantages for the ultra-wealthy to move before — or even after — the challenges of old age set in. Read More »
Advisors can help clients and their survivors by helping plan out funeral services. Read More »
Planners should know about swap powers to help clients realize their tax and asset-protection benefits. Read More »
Many retirees fail to boost savings after their last child leaves the house, and instead go on a spending spree that can last for years; Plus, how to make volatility work for you. Read More »
The advisor, who worked at U.S. Bank, claimed that he was fired in retaliation for complaining about a co-worker who he felt made unsuitable investments for the advisor's 94-year-old client. Read More »
An estate planning tool that is particularly valuable when rates are low is coming under political pressure. Read More »
The ranks of the ultrawealthy are graying, and many are trying to figure out what their legacy will be. Read More »
Financial advice sometimes includes relationship guidance. Here are a few strategies I use when talking to clients about prenuptial agreements. Read More »
In the first few days after the 7.9-magnitude earthquake, Fidelity Charitable grants sent $2M to aid victims; Schwab Charitable grants added another $568,000. Read More »
Adopting the skills of an anthropologist can empower advisors to help wealthy clients mend troubled family relations before it's too late. Read More »
Changes in both demographics and tax laws require a massive rethinking of estate planning strategies. Here are a few of the minefields that planners should avoid. Read More »
The U.S. House voted to repeal the 99-year-old U.S. estate tax amid a partisan clash over whether the government should break up concentrated wealth or make it easier to pass along assets to the next generation. Read More »
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