Separate yourself from the pack by articulating your unique offering. It could increase your visibility and help you capture new business.

by: Bob Veres

As long as regulators know a cushy brokerage or law firm job is waiting for them, they will be in no rush to push a fiduciary standard.

You can only meet your clients' needs - spoken or unspoken - if you understand the world from their perspective.

High gold prices and ultra-low bond yields are two sides of the deflation story.

Some lesser-known investment options may add pep to the portfolios of clients seeking more yield.

For complete equity market exposure, three funds may be better than one.

As sovereign debt keeps rising, so have the prices of fixed-income investments.

Integrating technology can save time and money, supercharging growth and enhancing profitability.

Interns can let you nurture budding talent, but choose wisely.

Failing to disclose money issues to regulators could derail a career.

Get the inside scoop on using newsletters to boost your brand and reach out to clients.

Planners are stepping in to help siblings sort out caregiving duties.

Do you know how to identify, manage and protect yourself from clients from hell?

With a little creativity, planners are attracting clients who may stay with them for life.

Clients may not realize 70 1/2 is a significant birthday, but they must start required minimum distributions even if they don't need the money.

As economies in the United States and developed markets falter, ETF investors are turning to gold for stability.

Times of high financial anxiety have made smartplanners only more valuable

Popular during the market run-up of the 1990s, separately managed accounts have lost luster.

Celebrities and athletes need tailored estate planning to minimize the risks of being in the spotlight.

To ensure estate planning and tax goals are a good fit, owners of unique assets need a risk management process.

John Burns is building his practice by looking for other niche players to join him.

Advisors should know the value they bring to their clients and not be afraid to charge for it.

The Wintergreen Fund worries little about where its holdings are based and more about where they do business.

Knut Rostad has formed a second fiduciary standard group.

Rising inflation and falling interest rates pose a big risk to equity investors.

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