As practices consolidate and adopt technology, there are fewer real opportunities for young planners.

by: Bob Veres

An open letter to the financial community, investors, regulators and legislators of the not-so-distant future.

Properly designed and conducted, private client events can put you in front of small groups of highly qualified affluent prospects.

Successful active management is a fantasy stoked by the financial services industry.

Goal-driven advising is the key to successful retirement portfolios. By Andrew Rudd

If you thought individual bonds were too expensive for your clients, new research might change your mind.

Fixed annuity sales sagged along with interest rates last year, but some specialty products enjoyed record inflows.

What's the best way to reenter the stock market-all at once or by degree?

To choose the right retirement income products, clients must understand the tradeoff between security and bequest value.

As this planner's practice shifted to a life planning model, he realized there was more to life than the bottom line.

A sneak peek at new research shows a small investment in people can go a long way for an advisory firm.

The best publicity for advisors comes from mixing social media strategies with traditional PR efforts.

Buckingham Asset Management credits $1.5 billion of its assets to Larry Swedroe, its tireless advocate for passive investing.

A client engagement road map plots two years of communication and can keep clients from losing sight of their goals.

Judging a client's ability to accept possible losses is harder than you might think. Formal assessment tools can help.

Widespread distrust has shrunk the pipeline of new clients. Here's how to make your case.

by: Ed Slott

Clients rushing to recharacterize their 2010 Roth conversions should slow down and take another look.

Helping plan for the intergenerational transfer of wealth is one of the important services an advisor can provide.

The equity markets might have been topsy-turvy in the first quarter, but mutual fund investors stuck to a small- and midsize game plan.

Scott Wenger, an award-winning journalist with more than two decades of experience, is editor-in-chief.

The digital world is creating wired clients who need the personal touch more than ever.

Under the new tax law, married couples have a $10 million estate-tax exclusion-no planning necessary.

Adding a care manager to your estate planning team can benefit both you and your client.

Many of WMS Partners' clients are financial professionals, bringing a top level of sophistication to investment discussions.

RIA principals with national ambition say the hybrid model is a useful recruiting tool.

Rob Taylor explains why Oakmark International is sticking with Japan after a devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

Taylor Easley helps young surfer clients handle sudden wealth.

Many investors think active managers can shift out of stocks in time to stem losses in bear markets. Not true.

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