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10 steps to help you evaluate your practice from top to bottom and potentially boost your profits.

by: Bob Veres

Facebook, LinkedIn and tweets are making all of our business relationships more personal.

Six compelling steps that will help establish yourself as a go-to advisor.

Indexing is overly hyped, and skilled stock pickers will prevail.

Investing in distressed commercial real estate could pay off if advisors screen the options carefully.

Structured products' risk-reward ratio is worse than you think.

One of an advisor's greatest challenges? Directing client expectations - and meeting them with portfolio performance.

In the future, financial advisors may spend little time in offices.

New research shows even the best advisory firms need to rethink how they pay their staff.

Many clients don't understand laws on reporting and taxing offshore money - and may rack up huge fines.

More assistance is available for families with means - if you know where to look.

Vacation homes are more affordable now, but clients should recognize the ongoing costs and need for an exit strategy.

Munis and health care put on a (modest) show, but fears of sovereign debt contagion persist in Europe, checking optimism for the future.

Email is a great invention of our lifetime. Ugh.

Do the hedge funds you use follow best practices, or could they be the next Galleon?

Four advisors share tips on how to get clients talking about estate planning.

An experienced planner designs portfolios with earning power in mind.

Many advisors stick by Securities America, but rivals aim to pick off top talent.

Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Fund shows how fixed-income investors can protect themselves from rising interest rates.

Scott Hanson focuses on buyout offers to union employees.

To play it safe when guessing life expectancy, your clients need to consider life as a centenarian.

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