If you want to motivate your employees to move in new directions, a collaborative work environment and a growth lens are musts.

by: Bob Veres

As advisors abandon buy-and-hold strategies, they must analyze data and make predictions. They could be spectacularly wrong.

The voice is one of the most powerful - and unsung - tools advisors have to get their message across to clients.

Fiduciaries can set themselves apart by becoming leaders in the eyes of their clients.

As one advisor found, planners need to know how to do much more than build wealth for their clients.

If you've got the right asset allocation model, it doesn't really matter what large-cap equity fund you use.

Investors who look in the right places can still find companies with accelerating revenues and profits.

A new book, Practice Made (More) Perfect, argues that workflow for advisor practices is more science than art.

A new monthly column looks at key technology issues vital to the planning industry.

by: Ed Slott

Planners need to ensure that clients with self-directed IRAs are protected against a variety of scams.

A rise in single Americans will likely result in more clients who will need someone to care for them.

Rankings of the Top RIA Firms Reveal Industry Priorities; New Tech Column Can Help You Manage Your Practice

David Strege's firm uses its unusual structure to help clients get more for less.

Advisors turn to hedge funds and other alternatives to help clients reduce volatility.

Leia Farmer isn't daunted by complex compliance issues..

How a tiny, focused portfolio can outperform funds' benchmark indexes over time.

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