5 Ingredients to a Successful Blog

5 Ingredients of a Successful Blog 5 Ingredients of a Successful Blog

As social media increasingly becomes the preferred medium of communication for clients, it is in the best interest of financial advisors to be able to develop a successful blogging strategy to attract existing and prospective clients.

Here are 5 factors advisors should consider when creating their blog.

Source: Actiance Inc.

1. Develop a Unique Brand 1. Develop a Unique Brand

Good blogs are infused with a unique personality, and creates a “brand” that sticks with the viewer. Being yourself and translating that effectively into your blog can often be a recipe for success.

2. Consistency of Content 2. Consistency of Content

Blogging is a long term play, and people often are deterred when they don’t immediately get the attraction that they want. Establishing an editorial calendar and continually pumping out content will help advisors generate the traffic they seek.

3. Value of Content 3. Value of Content

While a continuous stream of content is crucial, the quality of that content is equally as important. You can bet visitors will be asking themselves – “Is there something I can learn from your blog?” Good blogs create value in the mind of the readers.

4. Engage your Readership 4. Engage your Readership

A clean layout, a sprinkling of visuals, and videos all contribute to engaging your readers. Provide your readers the full spectrum of mediums on which to experience your content, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

5. Establish a Personal Connection 5. Establish a Personal Connection

A successful blog allows your audience to get an authentic feel for you. You can achieve this through video, a unique writing style, and a personable tone. Remember, a blog typically grants greater freedom than a traditional publication, so be creative!