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Stock Rout Deepens, Bonds Jump as Faith in Central Banks Falters
U.S. stocks joined a rout that has global equities poised to enter a bear market, as investors ignored Janet Yellen's signal that the Federal Reserve won't rush to raise rates in the face of market turmoil.
After a far-from-stellar 2015 for equities, almost no one was prepared for such a rough start to 2016. But two dozen funds tracked by Bloomberg with more than $1 billion in assets have outperformed many of their peers. Read More »
The Shanghai Index slid more than 6% after outflows from China reached a record $1 trillion last year, more than seven times that of 2014. Read More »
The $15 trillion rout in global equity markets since May is reawakening the lure of gold for investors seeking safety. Read More »
Turmoil returned to global markets as oil plunged and U.S. stocks sank to the lowest levels in 21 months, fueling a rush into haven assets. Read More »
"When China is down and oil drops every day, the market recognizes it has substantial issues," says Oppenheimer's CIO. Read More »
In the midst of global turmoil, these funds have turned in the best performances over three years. Read More »
U.S. stocks extended their three-month lows, with the Dow down more than 180 points, amid a China-led rout that continued to engulf equities around the globe. Read More »
While some clients may worry about rising interest rates, other factors, such as China and energy, could have a much greater effect on stock prices in 2016. Read More »
“We’ve had a number of negatives out there in the U.S., and China is a reminder that there aren’t many things to be bullish about going into this year,” said Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at JonesTrading Institutional Services. Read More »
U.S. stocks slump to their lowest levels since mid-October, amid fears that a Chinese economic slowdown will dampen global growth. Read More »
These must-reads capture wide-ranging view points on the turmoil and uncertainties jolting global economies. Read More »
The flurry of repatriation that took place during the third quarter amid China's shock devaluation and the plunge in global equities bodes well for stocks, according to a note from Barclays. Read More »
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