New Online Tool Does Social Security Benefit Math: Retirement Scan
Online tools such the one developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can help clients determine the best time to claim their Social Security retirement benefits for maximum results; Plus, do your clients need life insurance after they retire?
Only 42% of advisors have discussed long-term care with more than half of their clients. The reason for their reluctance may be due to clients' focus on saving money for retirement. Read More »
Destitution can strike anyone—rich, poor and in between—even if they have the basics of an estate plan in place. Read More »
People have long been wary of buying long-term care insurance, thinking they wouldn’t live long enough to collect any benefits. But new products that address their worries and complaints may help them come around. Read More »
The bank acquired the A.I. Group, a provider of employee benefits consulting and insurance brokerage services in Georgia. Read More »
Banks on track to generate $1 million in insurance brokerage for the year declined 16%, but the number that saw double-digit increases in brokerage income saw a significant jump. Read More »
Guide Financial, which counted among its advisors Esther Stearns, former head of Nestwise -- a now-shuttered LPL venture aimed at middle-class clients -- is the latest technology provider to be acquired. Read More »
To help clients envision their long-term needs, show them how much more they can receive from the government if they wait longer to file for benefits; Plus, reverse mortgage can help in the right situations. Read More »
Authorities allege that two self-proclaimed "licensed retirement strategists" made false claims in order to resell $4.3 million in life insurance policies to clients. Read More »
The U.S. Senator says she is, "concerned that these incentives present a conflict of interest for agents and financial advisors." Read More »
Striking a balance between the emerging and traditional realms of investing is where Motif Investing sees its niche, says its co-founder and CEO Hardeep Walia. Read More »
Lessons learned by Laura Banasiewicz when she helped care for her aging father, as well as her husband's parents, gave her a deeper appreciation for issues her clients face. Read More »
Long-term care expenses rise throughout retirement to the point of crisis, according to one expert; Plus, how do your clients stack up in retirement savings? Read More »
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