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Reverse Mortgages Can Be a Retiree's Saving Grace: Retirement Scan
Apart from retirement savings, home equity is another source of wealth that Americans can use to help fund retirement; Plus, why your retirement could cost you an extra $25,000.
A 65-year-old male with a long-term care insurance policy has a 32% chance of letting the coverage lapse before he dies, with his female counterpart having a 38% chance of doing the same; Plus, relocating overseas to avoid hefty health-related expenses. Read More »
An 80-year-old client will be better off keeping 70% of her investment portfolio in stocks if her Social Security benefits and pension payments are enough to cover her needs; Plus, can robots close the retirement savings gap? Read More »
If second-guessing has begun, consider why you initially recommended the stock---that reason can still be valid even if prices are falling. Read More »
Defined contribution plan sponsors cannot track the owners of between 2.8 million and 4.8 million retirement accounts or 5% of the total number of accounts; Plus, why a solo 401(k) could be the best way to save for retirement. Read More »
Many retirees fail to boost savings after their last child leaves the house, and instead go on a spending spree that can last for years; Plus, how to make volatility work for you. Read More »
Congress shouldn't wait for the disability trust fund to run dry before it addresses the insolvency, according to a group convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center; Plus, millennials are advised to not cash out their assets when they move employers. Read More »
Despite high volatility and the Great Recession of 2008, these funds never turned in a bum year. Read More »
Going back to school is recommended to pre-retirees who intend to work through retirement; Plus, choosing the right Medicare plan for your clients. Read More »
Retirees cannot expect bigger Social Security benefits next year as cost-of-living adjustments are unlikely to increase; Plus, the best target-date funds for retirement savers. Read More »
The Internal Revenue Service has issued 2014-54 to simplify the process for 401(k) participants who convert their after-tax contributions to a Roth IRA; Plus, the basic rules for calculating, withdrawing RMDs from retirement plans. Read More »
People are less likely to save more in their 401(k) plans when they learn they lag behind their peers in retirement saving; Plus, six annuity fees advisors and their clients should know about. Read More »
Even among advisors who support the concept of socially responsible investing, agreeing on what that term entails exactly is tough. Read More »
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