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Don’t Let Social Security Touch Client's Application: Retirement Scan
Retirees should always file for benefits online when possible, particularly when applying for Social Security retirement benefits; Plus, why withdrawal rates matter more than asset allocation in retirement.
More than half of households that collect Social Security benefits pay federal income tax on those benefits, according to a survey by The Senior Citizens League. Plus, why it's okay for investments to underperform when you're retired. Read More »
The gap between the top and bottom target date funds has narrowed since the 2008 collapse. Read More »
The deal with RBC, which has over 1,900 advisors, helps validate BlackRock’s $152 million acquisition of robo platform FutureAdvisor last year. Read More »
As stock prices fall, 401(k) participants are advised to avoid cashing out and instead buy more stocks; Plus, steps to successfully apply for Social Security disability. Read More »
The biggest U.S. mutual fund provider cuts expense ratios for 35 individual mutual fund shares, including 12 Vanguard target-date funds. Some cry fee compression. Read More »
Retirement savers are advised to ladder their bonds and CDs to take advantage of rising interest rates; Plus, the perils of extreme asset allocation. Read More »
The wirehouse hired Vinay Pande, a former partner at the asset management firm, as clients move more towards hedge fund-like products to weather market shocks. Read More »
A FINRA panel ordered the wirehouse to pay a client $95,000 for losses relating to bonds issued by the island commonwealth. By contrast, UBS says it faces more than $1 billion in similar claims. Read More »
Municipal demand and prices are up so far this year, buoyed by market technicals, according to Jeffrey Lipton, head of municipal research and strategy at Oppenheimer. Read More »
The $15 trillion rout in global equity markets since May is reawakening the lure of gold for investors seeking safety. Read More »
Retirees are now allowed to make charitable donations by transferring money directly to a qualified nonprofit organization from their IRAs; Plus, why inheriting a Roth IRA isn't always the best news. Read More »
Retirement savers looking to recoup 401(k) assets left with a former employer whose contact information they do not have can use the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits; Plus, do-it-yourself retirement planning for the self-employed. Read More »
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