How Advisors Can Get Noticed in a Crowded Digital Arena
It's not about social media, it's about being visible when the prospective client has a goal or a need you can help with, says author David Meerman Scott.
Market volatility is a special challenge for all fintech companies that connect consumers with digital products: how to handle a highly emotional event with a product that doesn't specialize in human interaction. Read More »
Bennett and her firm claimed to be managing more than $2 billion in assets when the real number was no more than one-fifth of that amount, the SEC alleges. Read More »
Salesforce launched a new platform to help advisors work more efficiently as the cloud computing giant pushes forward with ambitious plans to alter the RIA tech space. Read More »
To help improve their online presence, Fidelity announced two new offerings for advisors. Read More »
Digital-first firms gravitate toward a blogging website that has aired several heated industry debates, a markedly different approach from the cautious way traditional firms present themselves online. Read More »
An online platform designed to inform advisors about millennials is one of several approaches by fund providers to help better understand the new generation of investors as well as protect their offerings. Read More »
After announcing 11% growth in net income for the wirehouse's brokerage unit, Wells Fargo executives told analysts that they are thinking of launching a robo advisor. Read More »
The wirehouse rolled out a new advertising campaign aiming to bolster its image in the eyes of clients as a goals-based wealth management firm. Read More »
Wealthfront says the move was prompted by a surge of young investors who asked for a lower minimum and to pressure other robo advisors to get rid of fees on small accounts. Read More »
Nearly 97% of advisors found niche marketing to be an effective strategy, according to a recent report from Cerulli Associates. Read More »
We're a long way from building strong, interpersonal relationships with computers (the movie "Her" notwithstanding), which gives banks an advantage. Read More »
A third of 1,000 online investors surveyed by E-Trade Financial would like to monitor their investments on wearable apps. Read More »
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