Retirement Planning

How to Work Better with Aging Clients
Fidelity's new program includes a discount on a service that monitors elderly clients' financial transactions for suspicious activity.
Many women contribute to their workplace retirement plans, but are also are very concerned about not being able to retire when and how they want to, implying that they may not be saving enough to feel secure about reaching their retirement goals. Read More »
Advisors can assist their aging clients having a hard time keeping a family-run business in the family. Read More »
Whenever markets drop, clients start clamoring to hold gold in their IRAs. Here’s what to tell them. Read More »
Through strategic partnerships, Fintech firms are establishing a bigger toehold in the world of traditional wealth management firms. Read More »
With little practice, retirement income planning beginners can use Last Advisor's simple platform and a create plans in well under an hour. Read More »
When, and when not, to use stop-loss orders to determine the maximum loss for selling a security; Plus, how smart retirement investors profited from the August market plunge. Read More »
If new fiduciary rules take effect, advisors will be pressed to provide lower-cost offerings. Variable annuities offer them a lot to choose from. Read More »
How to reduce the tax hit on investments made by clients. Plus: Setting up private trust companies for tax savings and other benefits, and harvesting tax losses. Read More »
Advisors may want to help clients research charitable giving, which overall could top $8 trillion as more baby boomers retire, according to a new study from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave. Advisors can help clients with their research. Read More »
"If I said I had worked for AT&T for 33 years, anybody would ask me, 'Well, when are you going to retire?' But our industry is unique. It's not like a utility company, where after 30 or 35 years, you're done," says Larry Palmer, an advisor at Morgan Stanley. Read More »
Seniors who consider filing for Social Security benefits before the end of the year to avoid a hefty increase in Medicare Part B premium next year are advised to drop their plan; Plus, eight ways to build more retirement wealth. Read More »
Only 42% of advisors have discussed long-term care with more than half of their clients. The reason for their reluctance may be due to clients' focus on saving money for retirement. Read More »
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