Anderson and Geubelle approach their business from a financial planning perspective, as opposed to a product approach. And to bolster the team atmosphere, they facilitate access to the in-house experts on tax, trust, investment and legal issues to lend support to the advisors.

Bank/TPM: Busey Bank/Raymond James

Location: Champaign, Ill.

No. of reps managed: 4

Avg. production per rep: $542,282

Total production 2011 (projected): $2.2m

Total production 2010: $2.1m

AUM 2011: $564m

AUM 2010: $572m

Years at the bank: Anderson, 26; Geubelle, 16

Years in the industry: Anderson, 26; Geubelle, 22

Age of program: 22

Total number of branches: 51

Product mix: Mutual funds 51%; managed accounts 26%; equities 10%; VAs 6%; fixed income 5%; fixed annuity 1%; life insurance 1%

Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No