Some staffers say Tim Ratty is the best manager they've ever had. Unflappable in a crisis and still responsive to his advisors' needs, he encourages professional development. One of his career challenges was in joining the bank channel from a wirehouse, but his team says he's a "quick study" and can speak to any audience, large or small.


Bank: Wells Fargo
TPM: none
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
FAs manager oversees (12/31/12): 35
LBEs manager oversees (12/31/12): 54
Team production 2012: $23 million
Team production 2011: $21.5 million
Team AUM (12/2012): $2.6 billion
Team AUM (12/2011): $2.2 billion
Avg. production per rep: $657,000
Years at bank: 3.5
Years in industry: 16
Age of program: 32 years
Sample of products: Managed accounts, Mutual funds, Bonds
Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No

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