The Redwood program manager maintains accountability by tracking sales goals, marketing schedules and key priorities of advisors and managers. Quarterly reviews ensure consistency. Along with a consistent methodology for goal setting, Gradl has turned the program around. He embodies the motto: "Without a road map you're relying on luck to get you to your destination."

Bank/TPM: Redwood Credit Union/CUSO Financial Services

Location: Santa Rosa, Calif.

No. of reps managed: 5

Avg. production per rep: $533,000

Total production 2011 (projected): $3.2m

Total production 2010: $2.7m

AUM 2011: $219m

AUM 2010: $210m

Years at the bank: 5

Years in the industry: 18

Age of program: 10

Total number of branches: 15

Product mix: VAs 40%; mutual funds 38%; Fixed annuities 10%; equities 5%; life insurance 3%; managed accounts 2%; fixed income 2%

Do you decide what products are on the shelf? Yes