When Mike Haggerty became program manager in 2006, he began educating executives on the potential ROI of the program, and now investments are tracked as one of the six core offerings at the CU. Other efforts are as varied as creating a center for families with special-needs members, and shifting toward a younger client demographic for long-term sustainability.


Bank: CommunityAmerica Credit Union
TPM: CUSO Financial Services
Location: Lenexa, Kan.
FAs manager oversees (12/31/12): 11
LBEs manager oversees (12/31/12): 0
Team production 2012: $4.4 million
Team production 2011: $3.6 million
Team AUM (12/2012): $349.8 million
Team AUM (12/2011): $262.4 million
Avg. production per rep: $416,000 (Estimate)
Years at bank: 10
Years in industry: 15
Age of program: 11 years
Sample of products: Variable annuities, Mutual funds, Fixed/Indexed annuities
Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No

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