Collier's key management strategy is to recruit advisors who are self-reliant and entrepreneurial. He tries to create an atmosphere where they will flourish by sharing ideas, mentoring and cross-pollinating successful ideas. He tries to remain understanding of advisors' needs, but says he has little patience if they don't take advantage of opportunities at the bank.

Bank/TPM: Pinnacle National Bank/ Raymond James

Location: Nashville, Tenn.

No. of reps managed: 15

Avg. production per rep: $500,600

Total production 2011 (projected): $7.5m

Total production 2010: $6.6m

AUM 2011: $1.0B

AUM 2010: $937m

Years at the bank: 2

Years in the industry: 20

Age of program: 10

Total number of branches: 34

Product mix: Managed accounts 41%; mutual funds 31%; VAs 15%; equities 7%; fixed income 5%; life insurance 1%

Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No