Trustmark's program has grown about 40% since Zito took the reins in 2006-a time with no shortage of turbulence in the market. His goal is to remain focused on recruiting, he says, to keep the team performing at a high level. He believes that the right advisors are self-motivated and just need guidance, which is why he keeps an open door and doesn't micro-manage.

Bank/TPM: Trustmark Wealth Management/LPL Financial

Location: Jackson, Miss.

No. of reps managed: 13

Avg. production per rep: $496,737

Total production 2011 (projected): $7.8m

Total production 2010: $7.4m

AUM 2011: $1.2b

AUM 2010: $1.2b

Years at the bank: 8

Years in the industry: 22

Age of program: 19

Total number of branches: 170

Product mix: Fixed income 30%; mutual funds 27%; managed accounts 13%; VAs 13%; FAs 6%; equities 9%; REITs 1%; life insurance 1%

Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No