Jack Nelson focuses on building a fully integrated team to help clients achieve their financial goals. He encourages his team to gain a full understanding of each client's needs by utilizing a holistic, consultative approach. He puts his 30-plus years of experience to work to gain clients' trust and ensure that they realize his team has their best interests at heart.


Bank: Johnson Bank
TPM: Invest Financial
Location: Racine, Wis.
FAs manager oversees (12/31/12): 9
LBEs manager oversees (12/31/12): 5
Team production 2012: $6 million
Team production 2011: $5.3 million
Team AUM (12/2012): $984.5 million
Team AUM (12/2011): $888.5 million
Avg. production per rep: $662,000
Years at bank: 1
Years in industry: 30
Age of program: 25 years
Sample of products: Unit investment trusts, Mutual funds, Equities
Do you decide what products are on the shelf? Yes

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