Hiring and retaining the right people are crucial in today's market, says Williams. He establishes a common vision as part of the recruiting process and helps new hires execute a shared business plan. He uses a similar model with managers to make sure they are all on the same page, which, he says, is the difference between simply being good and outstanding.

Bank/TPM: Huntington Bank

Location: Grand Haven, Mich.

No. of reps managed: 35

Avg. production per rep: $492,000

Total production 2011 (projected): $24m

Total production 2010: $17.3m

AUM 2011: $2b

AUM 2010: $1.9b

Years at the bank: 6

Years in the industry: 14

Age of program: 21

Total number of branches: 620

Product mix: Fixed annuities 40%; VAs 20%; life insurance 13%; fixed income 10%; mutual funds 8%; managed accounts 6%; equities 1%; REITs 1%; ETFs 1%

Do you decide what products are on the shelf? Yes