Alec Ardito is a positive role model who takes the time to get to know the staffers' styles. He helps them develop their skills to fulfill their goals. His enthusiasm and his style of giving constructive feedback prompt some advisors at Wells Fargo to seek him out as a manager. And even with high expectations of him, they report being pleasantly surprised at his effectiveness as a leader.


Bank: Wells Fargo
TPM: None
Location: West Palm Beach, Fla.
FAs manager oversees (12/31/12): 44
LBEs manager oversees (12/31/12): 58
Team production 2012: $31.3 million
Team production 2011: $31.9 million
Team AUM (12/2012): $4.3 billion
Team AUM (12/2011): $3.9 billion
Avg. production per rep: $710,000
Years at bank: 3.5
Years in industry: 20
Age of program: 32 years
Sample of products: Mutual funds, Equities, Annuities
Do you decide what products are on the shelf? No

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