Investors displayed faith in all categories of mutual funds for the week ended Wednesday, January 25, adding a total of $11.6 billion to equity, bond and hybrid funds, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Investment Company Institute. That’s a 68% increase from the $6.9 billion mutual funds posted in inflows the week before.

Equity mutual funds gained $1.17 billion in new investments for the week, a sharp reversal from the previous week when investors pulled $481 million from equity funds. Of the $1.17 billion, $851 million went to U.S. stock funds with the remaining $323 million going to foreign funds.

Bonds funds continued to be investor favorites, drawing $7.81 billion in new inflows for the week. Taxable bond funds received $6.61 billion, while municipal bonds received $1.2 billion.

Hybrid funds—those that invest in both stocks and fixed income securities—more than doubled their inflows, jumping to $2.62 billion from the $1.26 billion they took in the week before.

The weekly fund flow estimates are derived from data covering more than 95% of industry assets, according to ICI. The statistics cover long-term mutual funds, those the ICI defines as investing in long-term instruments.

Margarida Correia writes for Bank Investment Consultant.